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Fall Elementary Science Nights

By Matthew Andres Moreno on November 17, 2017 in Education, Goings-On / 0 Comments

We wrapped up our third elementary science night representing BEACON yesterday. At Marble, Whitehills, and Glencairn schools, members of our lab teamed up with other BEACON friends to share clip birds: learning about how form relates to function by foraging for different-sized seeds with different-sized beaks (i.e. different clothespins) hominid skulls: how do the different skull morphologies relate to function and how can we see differences between organisms? geckos: Travis brought live Crested and Leopard geckos to compare and contrast their adaptations… how can we tell that the geckos came from different environments? giant evolutionary timeline: learning about the different animals that lived across evolutionary time. Thanks to these schools for hosting us and all the families that came to visit! We’re looking forward to more elementary science nights in the spring. Until then, here are […]

Happy Halloween from the Devolab!

By Matthew Andres Moreno on October 31, 2017 in Goings-On / 0 Comments
Happy Halloween from the Devolab!

Happy Halloween from the Devolab! Here are some pictures from our pumpkin carving party a few weeks ago. Click through the gallery below to see our lab in action carving pumpkins, a group shot of our creations, and individual photos of our pumpkins. We have some pretty serious pumpkin carvers in the group… a few of us even went the extra mile to polish up their jack-o’-lantern with dental floss!