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7 Under-Appreciated Pieces of Software for Doing Science Efficiently

By Emily Dolson on March 17, 2015 in Productivity / 0 Comments
7 Under-Appreciated Pieces of Software for Doing Science Efficiently

“Under-appreciated” is definitely hard to quantify. However, these tools dramatically simplify my day-to-day workflow, and most people I talk to have only heard of them from me. So, my goal with this post is to introduce people to some useful programs they might not have heard of before. Since I use Linux Mint as my primary operating system, all of these programs are Linux-compatible. Most of them are also compatible with other operating systems.

7 Grad School Survival Tips

As many of us are starting the winter semester, it seemed an opportune time to discuss surviving not just the winter weather (here’s hoping Michigan’s winter isn’t as bad as last year!), but the rather mentally and emotionally trying process that is graduate school. I’m currently in my third year at MSU and am just finishing up classes, so these tips are only guaranteed to be even partially relevant for your first few years, but hopefully they continue to help me and you in our final years as well!

10 Tips to Better Manage Your Time in Academia

By Charles Ofria on December 9, 2014 in Productivity / 3 Comments

As an academic, work comes from many different sources and it’s up to you to keep it all under control. As a grad student, you have your research projects, your classes, obligations to your lab, and the need to balance a personal life. By the time you are a faculty member, you still have research (now guiding numerous projects), classes (now teaching), a research lab (that you’re leading), and a life outside of work (hopefully), but you’re also expected to write grants, serve on a myriad of committees, advise students, write reference letters, and review the work of others (manuscripts, proposals, tenure cases, etc.) Each of these can easily become a full-time job unto itself if you’re not careful. Here are some tricks that work well for me (when I manage to do them):