If you have any questions about any of our research, please feel free to e-mail the person listed as the contact for the project on the “Projects” page. For more general questions, Dr. Charles Ofria can be reached by e-mail at

or by snail-mail at the address:

   Dr. Charles Ofria
   Director, Digital Evolution Laboratory
   3114 Engineering Building
   Computer Science and Engineering
   Michigan State University
   East Lansing, MI 48824

If you would like to be involved in discussions about ongoing research or development in the Devolab, you should join the Yahoo Group DigitalEvolution. If you are only interested in receiving notifications when we have published a new paper or when a major addition has been made to the software, join this group, but set your status to “Special Notices”. We expect, on average, there will only be 1-2 special notices per month.

We are always willing to consider exceptional graduate students or postdocs in all related areas. We are a highly multidisiplinary and diverse group; current group members have a broad range of backgrounds including Ecology and Evolution, Computer Science, Microbiology, Zoology, Philosophy, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Click here for more information.