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DevoLab Photo 2016

Principal Investigator

Charles Ofria

Charles Ofria
Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
Director of the Digital Evolution Lab
Deputy Director, BEACON Center for the Study of Evolution in Action

Graduate Students and Postdocs

Rose Canino-Koning PhD Student, Computer Science

Emily Dolson PhD Student, Computer Science / EEBB  Emily Dolson

Steven Jorgensen Masters Student, Computer Science Steven Jorgensen

Alex Lalejini PhD Student, Computer Science / EEBB   Alex Lalejini

Matthew Andres Moreno PhD Student, Computer Science  Matthew Andres Moreno

Joshua Nahum Faculty, Computer Science   Joshua Nahum

Anselmo Pontes PhD Student, Computer Science / EEBB  Anselmo Pontes

Matthew Rupp Postdoc, BEACON Center

Michael Wiser Postdoc, BEACON Center    Michael Wiser

Undergraduate Students

Jake Fenton Undergraduate Researcher  Jake Fenton

Sarah Johanknechkt Undergraduate Researcher Sarah Johanknechkt

Liam Bohl Undergraduate Researcher   Liam Bohl

Other Collaborators

Clifford Bohm
Evolutionary Technician
Tim Cooper
The University of Houston
Santiago Elena
Universitat de Valencia
Ben Kerr
University of Washington
Una-May O’Reilly
MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab
Susanna Remold
University of Louisville
Rafael Sanjuán
Universitat de Valencia
Michael Travisano
University of Minnesota
Daniel Weise
University of Washington
Claus Wilke
The University of Texas at Austin

Graduates of the Devolab

Jeffrey Barrick
Assistant Professor, U.T. Austin
(Postdoc, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics)
Ben Beckmann
Decision Scientist, General Electric Global Research
(Computer Science PhD 2010)
David M. Bryson
Digital Evolution Specialist, BEACON Center (Computer Science / EEBB PhD 2012)
Mairin Chesney
Undergraduate Researcher
Jeff Clune
Assistant Professor, University of Wyoming (Computer Science PhD 2010)
Brian Connelly
(Computer Science PhD 2012)
Arthur Covert III
Postdoc, U.T. Austin (Computer Science / E.E.B.B. PhD 2010)
Wesley R. Elsberry
(Postdoc, Evolutionary Intelligence Project/Lyman Briggs College)
Sherri Goings
(Computer Science / EEBB )
Heather Goldsby
Postdoc, Biology, U. Washington (Computer Science PhD 2011)
Laura Grabowski
Assistant Professor, The University of Texas-Pan American (Computer Science PhD 2009)
Dehua Hang
Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine, NJ (Computer Science PhD 2005)
Wei Huang
Postdoc, Syracuse University (Computer Science PhD 2005)
Dave Knoester
Postdoc, Michigan State University (Computer Science / EEBB PhD 2011)
Dusan Misevic
Postdoc, ETH Zurich (Zoology PhD 2006)
Elizabeth Ostrowski
Postdoc, Rice University (Zoology PhD 2005)
Anuraag Pakanati
PhD Student, Computer Science
Matthew Rupp
Postdoc, BEACON Center (Computer Science / EEBB 2010)
Jason Stredwick
Google, Kirkland, WA (Computer Science Masters 2005)
Chris Strelioff
(Postdoc, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics)
Michelle Vogel
(Computer Science Masters 2013)
Anya E. Vostinar 
Assistant Professor, Grinnell College (Computer Science / EEBB PhD 2017)
Aaron P. Wagner
(Postdoc, BEACON Center)
Bess Walker
(Computer Science / EEBB PhD 2013)
Gabriel Yedid
Nanjing, China (Zoology PhD 2007)
Luis Zaman
Postdoc, University of Washington (Computer Science/EEBB PhD 2014)
Jinghua Zhang
Assistant Professor, Wesleyan College (Computer Science Masters 2001)

Other Former Group Members

Chris Barott
Undergraduate Researcher, Summer, 2007
Randee Bierlein
Undergraduate Researcher, 2006
Nick Donohue
Undergraduate Researcher
Stephen Fawley
Graduate Student, 2011-2012
Caitlin Grabowski
Undergraduate Researcher, Summers 2007 and 2008
George Hagstrom
Undergraduate Researcher, Summers 2003, 2004
Anastasha Kamps
Undergraduate Researcher, Summer 2002
Andrew Kreling
Undergraduate Researcher, 2006-2007
Tom Levoy
Undergraduate Researcher, 2004-2006
Brian Loomis
Graduate Student, 2005
Meryl Mabin
Undergraduate Researcher
Eric Muller
Undergraduate Researcher
Kaben Nanlohy
Erin O’Hara
Undergraduate Researcher
Owen Pierce
Undergraduate Researcher, 2010-11
James Pita
Undergraduate Researcher, 2005-2007
Jason Rapai
Undergraduate Researcher, 2005
Neem Serra
Undergraduate Researcher, 2010-11
Neem Serra
PhD Student, Zoology, 2012-2013
Katherine Simonds
Database Developer, 2006
Michael Vo
Undergraduate Researcher
Steen Wichman
Media Developer, 2006-2007
Larry Wisne
Undergraduate Researcher, 2003-2004
James Bosko
Undergraduate Researcher
Suhas Devangam
Undergraduate Researcher
Isaac Fine
Undergraduate Researcher
David Rogers
Undergraduate Researcher
Jacob Walker
Professorial Assistant to Robert T. Pennock
Ian Whalen
Undergraduate Researcher