Here at the Devolab we are committed to sharing our discoveries with the scientific community and general public. Below is a list of (most of) our recent publications and everything should be open access!

Anya Johnson and Barbara Johnson. 2014. Simulation to teach concepts of evolution: The Finger- Painting Fitness Landscape Application. Proceedings of GLS 2014. link

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Anya E. Johnson, Eli Strauss, Rodney Pickett, Christoph Adami, Ian Dworkin, and Heather J. Goldsby. More Bang for Your Buck: Quorum-Sensing Capabilities Improve the Efficacy of Suicidal Altruism, ALIFE 2014. link extended

Heather J. Goldsby, David B. Knoester, Charles Ofria, and Benjamin Kerr. The Evolutionary Origin of Somatic Cells Under the Dirty Work Hypothesis, PLoS Biology, 2014. link

David M. Bryson, Aaron P. Wagner, and Charles Ofria.There and back again: gene-processing hardware for the evolution and robotic deployment of robust navigation strategies, GECCO, 2014. link

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