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Hello, world, we’re back! The Devolab (i.e. Dr. Charles Ofria’s research lab) has been up to lots of research, but not much blogging – until now. We’ve got lots of plans for discussing interesting papers, ongoing research, behind-the-scenes looks at grad student life, and much more. For now, plan on seeing new posts on Tuesdays.

To start things off, we thought you’d like to know what we’ve been up to in the past year or so, therefore here is a list of the recent publications from the lab. Going forward, we’ll aim to have posts with high-level discussions of our new papers, and slowly fill in with posts about some of the more exciting previous papers. Without further ado, we present research:

  • Heather J. Goldsby, David B. Knoester, Benjamin Kerr, and Charles Ofria. The Effect of Conflicting Pressures on The Evolution of Division of Labor, PLoS One, 2014. link
  • Anya E. Johnson, Heather J. Goldsby, Sherri Goings, and Charles Ofria. The Evolution of Kin Inclusivity Levels, GECCO, 2014. link
  • Anya E. Johnson, Eli Strauss, Rodney Pickett, Christoph Adami, Ian Dworkin, and Heather J. Goldsby. More Bang for Your Buck: Quorum-Sensing Capabilities Improve the Efficacy of Suicidal Altruism, ALIFE 2014. link extended
  • Heather J. Goldsby, David B. Knoester, Charles Ofria, and Benjamin Kerr. The Evolutionary Origin of Somatic Cells Under the Dirty Work Hypothesis, PLoS Biology, 2014. link
  • David M. Bryson, Aaron P. Wagner, and Charles Ofria.There and back again: gene-processing hardware for the evolution and robotic deployment of robust navigation strategies, GECCO, 2014. link
  • Aaron P. Wagner, Luis Zaman, Ian Dworkin, and Charles Ofria. Behavioral Strategy Chases Promote the Evolution of Prey Intelligence, arXiv, 2014. link
  • David B. Knoester, Heather J. Goldsby, and Philip K. McKinley. Genetic Variation and the Evolution of Consensus in Digital Organisms, IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 2013. link
  • David M. Bryson and Charles Ofria.Understanding Evolutionary Potential in Virtual CPU Instruction Set Architectures, PLoS One, 2013. link
  • Arthur W. Covert, Richard E. Lenski, Claus O. Wilke, and Charles Ofria. Experiments on the role of deleterious mutations as stepping stones in adaptive evolution, PNAS, 2013. link
  • Laura M. Grabowski, David M. Bryson, Fred C. Dyer, Robert T. Pennock, and Charles Ofria. A Case Study of the De Novo Evolution of a Complex Odometric Behavior in Digital Organisms, PLoS One, 2013. link
  • Miguel A. Fortuna, Luis Zaman, Aaron P. Wagner, and Charles Ofria. Evolving Digital Ecological Networks, PLoS Computational Biology, 2013. link
  • Christopher H. Chandler, Charles Ofria, and Ian Dworkin. Runaway Sexual Selection Leads to Good Genes, Evolution, 2013. link

  • Heather J. Goldsby, Anna Dornhaus, Benjamin Kerr, and Charles Ofria. Task-Switching Costs Promote the Evolution of Division of Labor and Shifts in Individuality, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 2012. link

I tried to make sure that all the paper links are open-access, so let me know if you’d like to read a paper that you can’t access above. As always, we’d love to discuss all of this research with you, so let us know if there is a particular one you’d like a more in-depth post on.



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